Wax Removal 101


We used to be terrible about blowing out our candles, most famously, pillar candles we used to make that would pour all over the place when burned for too long. We consistently got colored wax on the carpet every night for about a week…so bad. Needless to say, we’ve had some practice at this!



As you can see, I got a little carried away with the wax pouring! To be honest this one was a small one, you should have seen my next wax spill…



First you need to grab some basic tools; a few paper bags and an iron {if you have one for waxing your skis, I’d recommend using that one}. If the wax has cooled completely you can do a quick vacuum over the spot first to try and pick up any little bits before we start.



Tear the paper bag down the seam and along the bottom edge. Pull off the handles and rip in half so it’s easier to manage. Heat your iron on a low to medium setting. Do NOT turn your iron on high or the wax will get too hot and smoke!



Place the paper bag over the wax and place the iron on the bag. Move the iron in little circles so it doesn’t heat up the bag too much.

As the wax heats up and gets absorbed by the bag, you’ll see the paper turn dark. Move the bag so that an unused portion covers the wax on the floor and keep ironing. Rotate to new portions of the bag as it picks up the wax…and be careful to not get the waxy paper bag on the floor or you’ll be working twice as hard!



This may take more than one bag depending on how big the wax pool is so have another one handy. Once you’ve finished allow the carpet to cool, vacuum and double check your work. You may notice some little spots you’ve missed and need to do some touch up work. Simply repeat the process again.

Voila!! This should get 95% of the wax out of your carpet {or clothes if you’re a candle maker}. No harm no fowl!