The Refillery is Closed

Hi There,

This is Lacey – the former owner of The Refillery. Thank you for your interest in our store – unfortunately we closed the shop in May of 2014.

It was a hard decision, one that took weeks of sleepless nights to grapple with, and days of discussions back and forth, but in the end felt right. As of right now we don’t know of anyone doing anything similar in Santa Barbara, but we encourage you to check out Refill To You out of Carpinteria and The Refill Shoppe in Ventura as alternatives.

If you’re wondering why you were brought to this candle site – well that’s because this is the business that spawned from opening The Refillery. If you ever bought candles from our shop than you’ve experienced our candles in their infancy.

We’ve learned as we’ve gone along, adapted and upgraded our style and formulas, and came out swinging with a killer line of candles. So thank you to all of our candle fans who got us off and running! I never would have thought my hobby would turn into a full blown business :)

We do not have a retail spot of our own at the moment, but do have retailers around California who carry them. We’d love it if you checked out what we’re up to now and let us know what you think.

Thanks again for reaching out to us – hopefully we’ll see you around town!