Jar Cleaning Tips


Get the most out of your candle by cleaning and reusing your jar! We strive to package our candles in stylish, yet functional containers that you’ll want to hang on to. Ideally we won’t be creating any waste while crafting beautiful candles.

Cleaning out your jar is quick and easy!



To start you’ll need a beater pan that you won’t mind getting wax in {we’re not planning to, preparing just in case}. Fill with water about 1/2″ above the wax line in your candle jar. Place on the stove and preheat your water to just below boiling. If you have a lot of wax built up around the sides of the container, get an old spoon and remove the excess wax and dump into the trash while you’re waiting.



Drop the temperature slightly and place your jar into the water. Keep the container in the water until the wax melts {this will only take a couple of minutes}. Don’t leave your candle unattended while it’s being heated.



Once melted, dump the hot wax into a paper bag or a heat resistant container that you don’t mind being waxy. DO NOT DUMP WAX DOWN ANY DRAIN. You don’t want to buy your plumber his winter cabin!



Take a paper towel and wipe out the inside of the jar. This should not take more than two towels to wipe clean…remember we’re trying to prevent waste creation with our project.



Once cleaned, if you’d like to remove the outer stamped wrapper simply let it soak in water for a minute and the paper will peel off easily. Pull the sticker off the bottom, wipe dry and you’re good to go!

If you’d like to see some crafty ways to reuse that jar, check out creative candle jar projects to get the brainstorming session started.