Candle Jar Projects


We’ve come up with some sweet ideas to reuse your candle jar so that even if you don’t want to place another candle in it, the glass will get reused and keep livin’ on. We feel it’s important to create a light and bright footprint and reusing is one of the best ways to do that! So let’s dive in shall we?


I absolutely love plants, but they’ve got to be low maintenance or I’ll end up killing them. So cacti and air plants fit perfectly into my black thumb lifestyle. You could also use some beach glass or marbles with the air plant to add a little pop of color.


If you’re a bit crafty, you can make a sugar or salt scrub quickly and very affordably. The air tight jars make the ideal storage container since they won’t cause your beauty buff to dry out.


Add a bit of flair to your bathroom…when I looked around mine I realized that everything was organized in store bought plastic thingys that just look blah. I thought the jars made a lovely, clean addition to my medicine cabinet.


Make your staple office supplies easily accessible and lock ’em up with the lid so you don’t knock them over or drip hot sauce in them from grubbing your lunch.


Perfect if you buy bulk spices or want to make finding your goods easier. I also love that the 16 oz candle jar is the ideal travel size for lunch snacks 🙂


Take a lovely little cookie or brownie recipe and store the dry ingredients in the stylie glass jar. A simple and sweet surprise gift idea.


Have a little figurine cruising around your house from xmas or a bday? Give that little dude new life by immortalizing him into a tiny snow globe. I’ve kept this guy for years – he was my winner from a rubber duckie creek competition at an ’06 work party. Mountain kids sure know how to entertain themselves 😉