Candle Care Crash Course


Have you ever wondered why one of your candles will burn nice and evenly all the way down, and the exact same candle will leave wax around the sides?

Well we’ve got some answers to your candle conundrums and there are some super simple tricks to creating the perfectly burned candle so you get the full life out of it!

Let's Get Started


First you’ll most likely need to trim your wick before lighting it. The ideal wick length is 1/4″ at any point when you’re burning a candle. Most manufacturers leave a little extra wick so that you’re not left with a nubbin that won’t stay lit. So give it a little shave.


This is the most critical part of your candle’s little life, the first burn. Wax has memory, so it’s crucial that for the first burn you allow the wax to create a full melt pool. That takes about 1 hour per 1 inch in diameter of the candle. So a three inch round candle will need to be burned about three hours to create a full pool.
If you simply light your candle for 30 minutes and then blow it out, you’re never going to have a great burning candle. Sucks to waste all that waxy goodness!


In between candle sessions, your wick will most likely get a little long and mushroom at the top. You want to trim that off each time so it doesn’t smoke and burn to quickly. Use scissors, not your hands. This not only prevents you from getting black fingers, but also accidentally pulling off too much of the wick.
Once you trim your wick, you’re set to go. Just remember to do the same the next time you light your candle.


Oh and to get the most life out of your candle, you want to burn it between three and four hours at a time. That allows for a full melt pool, but doesn’t let the wax get so hot that it’ll evaporate and shorten the candle life. {I know I burn mine for eight hours too sometimes, which is cool, you just won’t get the full burn time out of the little guy.
Enjoy your relaxing evening!