We’re proud of our tiny company with a workforce of just two. When we started making candles it was out of our 50 square foot garage which migrated into our 200 sq. ft. living room, and now takes over half our new house in Portland Oregon.

Exploration and nature is what inspired our current candle line. Our designs are tailored to bring the outdoors to your home – whether that be with a walking bear, a sprawling starfish, or the airstream you parked out there, we want to keep you dreaming of your next adventure.

All of our candles are made by hand with recyclable and biodegradable materials. Because our love of nature also means caring for her health {and yours} in every way we can.

We created our candles in reusable, travel ready jars in the hopes they’ll have long lives after the wick has burned out. We repackage and ship the candles in the same boxes the jars came in, use biodegradable packing materials and ship carbon neutral.

Our soy wax is domestically grown and burns slowly and cleanly with quality cotton wicks. Our signature blends of both essential oils and fine fragrance leave a gentle aroma that doesn’t overpower the senses. It’s a beautiful balance we learned from trekking in the mountains and playing by the sea.

We hope we capture the same sense of peace, simplicity, and beauty we find in the outdoors and help bring that into your home.

Thank you for your support of a little fish in a big pond.

5 Mins with Lacey


I’m an introvert who loves playing in the dirt and roaming the coastline. Left to my own devices I’m a pretty mellow, quiet chick…but my passion for the environment, candles and a holistic lifestyle keep me from reverting back into my shell. I’m on a mission to help ladies appreciate the small things and breathe into the day.

Hot tea, down jackets and a great pen make me happy. After playing all over California for the last 13 years, I’m happy to once again be back in my roots in the Pacific Northwest. I’m constantly in awe of how gorgeous it is up here. Somehow I completely forgot it.

I feel most alive when…

I’m traveling. My dream is to live out of a backpack and trek across the globe for years on end. Wish me luck!

I couldn’t live without…

Music. I’m working on becoming a not-so-terrible dancer but that doesn’t stop me from hoppin’ around when no one’s looking (introvert remember?). My days are chalk full of a wide array of beats depending on my mood.

I listen to everything from hip-hop, punk, classics like Louis Armstrong and Billy Holiday, and folk music from peeps like Alabama Shakes. You’ll even hear me listening to natural rain sounds (in flannel) on sunny days when I need my little NW soul cup refilled.

My dirty little secret is…

I’m a science geek at heart. My schooling was in nursing (before I bailed to make candles) and it’s where I discovered a love for physiology, microbiology, and biochemistry. I hated science K-12. Who knew!?

My guilty pleasure is…

Mashed potatoes and gravy – I can gorge myself ’til I’m nauseated. It’s terrible. Oh and pumpkin pie. I can punish an entire pie in a few hours if you let me; I eat it pizza style, all hands, no fork.

I’m excited about…

Rediscovering my roots in the PNW! I’ve never lived in a full blown city before and Portland has endless corners to explore. Plus I’m over the moon about being back in great wine country after spending six years near the Santa Ynez Valley. Can’t wait to dive into all the great Pinot Willamette has to offer : )

My Fave Candle


It changes with my mood but lately I’ve been loving having a few of the mini red currants burning. The sweet red currant and touch of rose lifts my mood with all the spring grey we’re having.

Go To Outdoor Destination


Big Sur – nothing tops that place for me. The drive there is gorgeous whether you’re coming from the North, South or East, the water is a gorgeous turquoise and teal, and we’re getting married there this fall!

5 Mins with Chris

Favorite Candle

mini-bison-offSage lavandin + oakmoss hands down! I’m a fan of the stoic bison art and the scent is killer. The kicker for me was when someone at a show called it a “mandle” ._.

Go To Outdoor Destination


Lake Tahoe has some of the best memories for me and has been my second home no matter where I move to. Lacey and I met there too while working at Squaw Valley – every time we head back to visit we debate about packing up and calling it home again.


I’m that guy that lives to push people to grow and see what they’re capable of. Most people love me for it, but at times not so much, and I’m okay with that. I dig awkward moments. They make me smile.

I’m always looking to expand my skills and I was stoked when Lacey asked me to help share her candles with the world. I’ve been telling her for years that she should go for it and I’m glad to be a part of the ride.

I feel most alive when…

I’m surfing. After growing up in the NorCal mountains, I’ve transitioned from being an avid snowboarder to scouring the coast for waves. There’s nothing else like it and the only thing that will happily get me up at the crack of dawn with just a few hours of shut-eye. If I had my way, I’d be out there every day.

I couldn’t live without…

Flip flops…or slippers as my Hawaiian brothas call them. I hate shoes but when going barefoot isn’t an option I live in those things. Flippy Flopping.

My dirty little secret is…

I’ve turned into a food snob. After working in the restaurant industry for nearly a decade (and some damn delicious ones) I’m a pretty picky dude when it comes to what I eat. It doesn’t have to be fancy, I could live off killer burritos if they’re done right.

My guilty pleasure is…

An amazing glass of wine. Another bi-product of living near killer wine country for half a decade. Two buck chuck just doesn’t cut it anymore.